Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Pippa's World - Vol. 2

Welcome to another edition of Pippa's World. Da Pip's dropping knowledge on all you suckas!

Pippa on negotiating and hotel blocks

It just goes to show you that a little research goes a long way. And, that there is no such thing as a stupid asking yours, you got 20 dollhairs off! Pippa's Tip: location, location, location. Don't skimp on a hotel with good location. Your guests will love you for the subway proximity (and now the shuttle too!). And who knows? Perhaps one of said guests will be a late registry visitor...and will remember your act of kindness with a more generous gift!

Pippa on adversity and setbacks

When life hands you a lemon, make some lemonade. And then put vodka in it.

Pippa on choosing new spaces in the museum

It's a large place with lots of cool space. How about in one of the old southern plantation farmhouse rooms? Or in front of the Lady Liberty...much like the immigrants arriving in this great land, you will be tired, weary and poor by the end of this whole ordeal!

Pippa on the Royal Wedding

If you're going to host a bridal event (re: DC date for running of the brides), perhaps you don't want it to coincide with the (royal) wedding of the decade?!? What bride - or aspiring bride - would miss that? Look for Pips at 5 AM EST time, glued to the tv...

Pippa on flower girl attire

If you have to buy wedding clothes for your own kids or make your relatives do so, at the very least go with options that can be reused. Your familials will love you for your practicality (and hopefully remember how much they do when picking out your gift!) PS - stay away from child bride dresswear. Pippa thinks it looks super creepy.

Pippa on fashion

While DSW is an excellent source for discount shoes, don't discount the sample sales as well. Check out: They have great sales at this warehouse in the Fashion District.

Pippa on fitness

If I may be so bold as to also recommend the New York City Ballet workouts (also sold at a BN near you). These are most excellent workouts that do not require formal ballet training. Excellent for the core. Pippa's Tip: A strong core prevents falling over in your new wedding heels after accepting a drink from a pink cat lady. Roofies are a reality.

That's all until next month. Ya heard!


  1. Pippa's done it again! Thank you much, k, for keeping this Londoner coming back for more. Hopefully Pippa's Tips give stressed-out brides a good giggle and brief respite during the difficult wedding planning process. More quips from Pips coming soon!!!

  2. Hysterical!! And I agree that you should stay away from the child bride dresses... creepy.


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