Saturday, February 19, 2011

My First Etsy Purchase

I am beyond thrilled. Yesterday I came home to this wonderful little package waiting for me.  It was an adorable little bag with the cutest little bicycle postage stamps and inside that bag, all the way from Sweden, were the custom rubber stamps I ordered.  Before I show you pictures, let me gush about the seller. She hand-carved the stamps from images I emailed her and they were spot on.  She was such a pleasure to work with and her turnaround time was amazing.  I can’t show you all of them yet because I’m using them for the invitations and on all the other paper products. But I’m super excited so here’s a pic of one of the small ones.

Here’s how cute they were packaged.

Ignore my creepy shadow fingers. Don’t they look like little candies?

I highly recommend Ttyr and her Etsy shop This is Just to Say.

I didn’t ask but I hope the shop title is a reference to the William Carlos Williams’ poem. I love that poem.

Anybody have any other Etsy vendors they were super pleased with?


  1. That's a cute stamp!! I can't wait to see how your invites come out. I'm so going to check our her shop. That packaging is so cute, too! I get really excited when I get packages in the mail that are packaged with care and cuteness.

    I love love love etsy, I always look there for most my stuff that I can't make, lol. Right now, I'm super pumped about the seller I got my cake topper from. LOL.. I did sneak in that baby thing, but we don't plan to even start trying until after we are married for about a year. LOL!

  2. Super cute! It's so easy for me to get lost in Etsy!

  3. Remember that pesky devil and his obsession with details? This proves have have a fab eye and attention to detail. Stamping is such a great idea and will "marry" (chortle, chortle) the invites, RSVP cards, thank you notes, etc. throughout this celebration process. Pippa's Tip: Memories are the best part of wedding festivities (minus the time spent with head in toilet clutching a now-empty flask to your single self). Guests will LOVE getting follow up correspondence with their might remind some of them of that intriguing Cat that sat at their table or the amazing balletic feats performed by said Cat during the partay...

  4. I'll have to check out her site - we've been looking into custom stamps as well!

  5. Love the stamp you showed! There is so much awesomeness on etsy!


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