Monday, February 7, 2011

January Wrap-up

Ack! It's nine months to the wedding. Ummm...January was a bit snowy but I made some progress on my action items. Look!

Florist quotes -- Yeah... about that.... didn't even attempt this one so it moves to February's list
Start the hunt for bridesmaid dresses -  More on this later I like Netbride's pricing but I want to check out RK Bridal in the city before I make any rash decisions. The search continues.
Finalize invitation design -- Sort of done. More on this later this week.
Hotel blocks (Grrrr….) -- SUCCESS!
Wedding website -- SUCCESS! Technically I finished some major parts this weekend but it still counts for January.
Get back on the fitness wagon -- I was on but now I'm off. Anybody have any suggestions? I just can't get motivated.
Start finalizing catering menu -- SUCCESS!
Cake designs and dessert options -- Still working on it but I pretty much have my flavors down. More designs to come.


  1. The one fitness tip that I found which sometimes works for me is if I don't want to work out then I reason with myself "Fine, you don't have to workout but just get changed into your workout clothes and see how you feel." Usually if I can get myself into the workout gear than chances are high that I will workout.


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