Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Guestbook of Sorts

I bet a lot of you are wondering where the whimsy is. Or maybe you want to know where the AIW influence is. Truthfully? Most of those elements are going to be “surprises” for the guests so I can’t share everything just yet. Trust me though. The invites? Very Alice-y. My dress? Kinda Alice-y. Décor? There’s some wonderland there. All will be revealed in time. To whet your appetite I’m going to share my idea for our guestbook.


I wanted something a little different plus I’m kind of wacky sooo… this is going to be our guestbook and card holder.

Sister drew this!

That’s right a big caterpillar for everyone to sign. The hookah will be the card holder. If you recall from the book / movie he asks Alice, "Who Are You?" which is perfect for the guestbook. We'll need to have instructions so people know what to do but I think it could work. I already know where we'll keep it in the house!

As you may know I’m not a big DIY-er but thankfully Grandmother is a seamstress and Mumsie & Sister are rather creative and good with the handy things. Daddy loves building things and Mr. H’s dad is a whiz with papier maiche.

How's that for whimsy?


  1. OOOO! That looks like it will be awesome! How creative! I can't wait to see how it comes out.

  2. Oh I love it!! So creative. I'm intrigued to see how you bring it to life :)


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