Friday, April 29, 2011

Engage! – Part 2

While I am starting to like the idea of the transit museum more and more I’m kinda leaning away from having to pay admission for 4 people just to take some pictures. Now I’m not really a nature-y type of gal but the park is free and is pretty much open all the time (well except 1am- 5am). There are some good locations worthy of a camera lens. Truthfully, admission isn’t really that much but ever since Miss Cinnamon Bun posted this:

& by hindsvik on Etsy

I totally want to get one.

The park is cool because there are so many interesting architectural details as well as woodsy areas, grassy expanses, water features, etc.

Let's wander through Prospect Park for a bit.


Prospect Park
The question is whether or not my allergies will go crazy.  

But how cute would that ampersand be in the park?   


  1. Go to your dr and get eye drops, nose spray, and Allegra D. It's a miracle combo of drugs for allergies.

    I love the & sign.. if we do ours over, I'm totes getting one!

  2. Oooooh, if you can find a way to tame your allergies, that park is amazing!!! That fountain! And those colosseums! Wow....

    And you are right, that awesome ampersand would be the best prop ever. LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait to see the shots... :)

  3. Love that first pciture you posted of Prospect Park, it looks beautiful.


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