Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rent The Runway Review

So I tried it out and it was pretty awesome! I think I've found a new problem I'm going to like having.  ::sheepish grin::

We rented four dresses. Here's why: Rent one get the second (equal or lesser rental value) for $25. Plus you get a backup size for free. Hence the four dresses. Here's how the backup can be useful:  let's say you think you might be a medium but the size chart has you straddling a large and a medium. What to do? Get both sizes!

The dress I rented

It was so easy. I'm in New York so shipping was quick since they are located in Manhattan. They ship UPS and they give you USPS envelopes to send the clothes back. All you have to do is drop it in a mailbox on your return date before noon o'clock. It's that simple! 

I feel like an infomercial. Ha!

 Everything arrived in great condition. They shipped in a garment bag on hangers. Ummm... you totally get to keep the bag and the hangers. The garment bag is pretty nice too. I suppose they let you keep it because they have their branding all over it.

My verdict: Good stuff!

I'm going to try them out again. I'm already making a list of events I need dresses for. Squeet!!

P.S. Wouldn't that dress be cute for a summer engagement shoot??? 


  1. wow! I'd love to try them out too!

  2. Wow, can't believe I never heard of this. I immediately went and registered! I have so many weddings/showers/etc. coming up.


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