Monday, April 25, 2011


We did it! Finally! What could I possibly be so excited about? Bridesmaid dresses of course! Sis and Lil Sis went to RK Bridal last week to try on dresses. I went too but that’s not the important part. I quite preferred not being the one trying on dresses. We arrived around 5:30pm on a weekday and it was surprisingly quiet. RK is great because they have a very wide selection but…

it gets tedious trying to wade through the racks of dresses. The good news is they organize the dresses by designer and I was only interested in Jim Hjelm dresses. That narrowed our search. I had my list and we each had 3 style numbers we were looking for. I also knew what the dresses looked like so that helped as well. We found 3 of the dresses on my list and pulled some other ones that looked promising.
I’m pretty sure we found the dresses for Sister and Lil Sis.  

Here are the contenders:

This is my top pick for Sister. It's full of drama. Oh snap!

Jim Hjelm Style 5132

She also liked this one with some alterations. She wants to make it short in the front and kind of bustled in the back. We mocked it up in the store and it looked cute. Just seems like too much work.

Jim Hjelm Style 5138

This is my top pick for Lil Sis. She's a wee babe and this dress is young, fun and flirty. It moves well too.

Jim Hjelm Style 5118

She liked this one but oddly enough, I didn't care for the color in person.
Jim Hjelm Style 5080
I still need to get dresses for two other bridesmaids. These are in the running.

Lazaro Style 3136
Jim Hjelm Style 5081
Jim Hjelm Style 5027
I'm considering eggplant for all of the dresses. Any preferences?

*Internet props for anyone who gets the title reference.


  1. I loveee those dresses!! They look great and I like the eggplant color!! I originally looked at one similar to the first one you posted, except it was a short dress.. but I couldn't get my bridesmaids on board with it and then I fell in love with a Enzoani style, lol!

  2. Must admit I do love the eggplant. My faves are the Lazaro Style 3136 and Jim Hjelm Style 5081


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