Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bits of Randomness

I'm still working on the invitations. A special thank you to my super duper minions! I'm off most of this week and next and will hopefully have them closer to finished by then. They won't be finished entirely because I have one or two more elements to procure. I'm kind of over my invites at this point. It's sort of like having too much of something and never wanting to see it again. I suspect this too shall pass. In other news I'll share some random updates and things.


Sister just came up with another potential design for the wedding cake. Did I mention that it’s going to be a dummy cake? More on this later.

I like the topsy turvy-ness but I didn’t want to go that route necessarily. I wanted something “pretty and classic”. I also asked her to incorporate our silhouettes which I thought would be a cute touch.  The little filigree vine-y looking things add the “pretty” I was looking for but it’s missing something. It’s a work in progress.

Oh hell muffins! I have a few more vendors to book (florists {yes still}, lighting, hair, makeup, DOC) and ummm…I’m going to need to figure out where that money is coming from. And breathe.

Engagement pictures!
My original idea was to do the shoot in the high school where we met but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m stuck for ideas. I’m sure our photogs will come up with something but I wanted pictures that represented “us” as a couple. The best idea we came up with was a restaurant series (us eating or whatever) in the various restaurants we frequented through our early courtship. The other idea was down by Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Ice Cream Factory. Those places are so popular though. It’s for a good reason. They are amazingly photogenic spaces.  Anyone have any ideas?

That’s today’s bit of randomness, folks!


  1. That cake design looks awesome! I feel the same way about our save the dates as you do about your invites. They are going out in a week-two weeks and at this point I am tired of looking at them and glueing and cutting.. blah blah blah. But as soon as I kick those out of the nest, I get to start on the invites.. joy joy. lol.

    As for the engagement picture ideas.. I have NO clue. I had a very difficult time picking locations for ours and I don't actually think we came up with anything until a day or two before the actual shoot. I hope you kind find something that fits you two!

  2. Hey, I felt like that with my invites that I had too much of them. In a way I think perhaps getting them from Vista may have been easier and perhaps had as much of an impact but then again it would've been harder to re-order the 4 that went missing in the post - I was mad.

    I absolutely adore the topsy turvy cakes I first saw one when searching for cakes on-line, have you seen the ones on pinkcakebox.com a company based in NY, they're truly amazing. I think you could still have a cake like this and it be classic and certainly pretty.

    I think having your engagement pics taken at your school would be so cool and original.

  3. Could you go to one of your favorite restaurants or bars at a kind of "off" time so that it wouldn't be so nuts? There's also that fun old "railroad" park in Brooklyn.. don't remember where but it's super unique and pretty :)


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