Friday, April 1, 2011

March Wrap-up & April Gear up

March wasn’t a big git ‘er done kind of month so the wrap-up is brief. I didn’t do much. Moving on.
April, however, is a horse of a different color.


Here’s why:

Invitations are getting done this month. Achtung minions!

I’ll hopefully (finally) get a solid figure from the florist. I’ve been rethinking the florals and we’re on version 5.

Lighting conversations have started and will continue. Prepare to see pretty purple pictures.

Engagement session is on the horizon. It’s time to start thinking about what I want those to look like. Prepare to see pretty people pics.

I might dip my toe in the hair and makeup pool. More pretty pics.

And last but not least I’m seriously going to have them try on BM dresses over spring break. I see a poll in the near future.

That’s all folks!

What do you have on your agenda for April?


  1. Busy busy.. can you believe we are almost at 7 months?! AHHH!! It's getting closer and closer! I didn't do much this past month, either! lol!

  2. April terrifies me--three months to go and holymolyomg I have so much to do. First up, send out the invites!

  3. On my April agenda: GETTING MARRIED! :)

  4. @Mich: April is going to be a big month for you too!

    @The Future Mrs T: That's a BIG item on your agenda. Remain calm and remember to breathe. But OMG OMG you're getting married this month!!!

    @Danielle: Remember when November seemed far away? Wow!

  5. Hooray for pictures!

    I, for one, have to work on our StD's. For real. And stop saying I will actually DO them.


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