Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Feel...Inspired

After perusing many a wedding blog I decided I’d give it a shot, the seemingly ubiquitous inspiration board. No doubt, if you’re planning a wedding or special event, you’ve skulked across the web downloading random images. These random images spoke to you on some level. So what do you do with all of these images? You make an inspiration board of course. It’s really not that difficult. You might remember it from elementary school when they called it a collage. Without further ado, Ladies and Gents, I present to you that which inspires me.

Now that’s the end result after some trial and error.  At first I tried using WeddingWire’s inspiration board tool. It’s easy enough. You upload the pictures and arrange them on the mat. You can resize the images but there are no advanced editing tools. Here are some of the ones I did using WeddingWire.

Then I found Picasa. There’s no point in rewriting the wheel. There’s an excellent tutorial on WeddingBee thanks to Miss Seashell. Inspiration boards alla Picasa below.

What inspires you?

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