Monday, September 20, 2010

These are My Confessions: Part I

It’s back to school time and I loves me some book learning. Guess who’s super excited about class time this year? Really, I am. That wasn’t sarcasm. Honest. I’m excited, sort of. Last year it was full time work, school and internship. This year I only have two classes, one day a week, and my internship hours are down 30%. Squeet! How does this relate to wedding planning? Okay, I’ll tell you.
I have about four hours of class time to get through every week. So, I will sit like the diligent student I am, pad and pen in front of me, scribbling furiously. Yep, I’ll be writing up posts for this here blog and coming up with interview questions for florists and DJs. As luck would have it, my class is not in the basement and should I be blessed with at least one bar of service… hello interweb! Yup, yup, I lurves me some class time! Oh Yeah!

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