Friday, September 17, 2010

Time Goes by. . . So Slowly

By the time this wedding rolls around I will have spent a solid two years planning this shindig. TWO YEARS!!!! Holy Majolies!
Well I’ll have you know that there are a few perks. You look skeptical. 


No lie, look I have a list. I almost always have a list.

The List

  • This much time is a stress reducer. I imagine I’m not as stressed as I could be.... well at least not about wedding stuff. Oh, I get plenty stressed about other things but not this here wedding. No sir. I’m taking it easy mon!
  • There’s ample time to shop around for bargains and sample sales and such.  For those of you with this much time on your hands start paying attention to seasonal sales. Even if you think it’s too early to look at dresses sign up for mailing lists at various salons. Ummm…David’s Bridal is ALWAYS having a $99 bridal gown sale. If you’re not attuned to these things you’re liable to think it’s something special. It’s like Macy’s one day sale. Another example is Priscilla of Boston. They have four sample sales a year. The prices are amazing and the dresses are in pretty good shape. You can get a dress for under $1000. You’ll also get info about trunk shows and any other special promotions. If you know in advance then you won’t feel as pressured to buy, buy, buy.
  • A whole year devoted to research! Hot diggity! Again there’s no pressure when you’re just looking. It also helps you put things in perspective. Believe me there will be sticker shock. And How!
  • The wedding fires have not yet consumed me. I still possess the ability to focus on things other than the wedding.  Things like work and school. 
  • Something I like to call Buffer Time.  It’s the little extra time to adjust if things don’t go ::ahem:: quite right. Buffer Time is peace of mind.

Of course to every yin there is a yang.
 I now present to you the pitfalls of this marathon planning. And yes it’s another list.

 The Other List

  • Firstly and this is the really annoying part. It’s the questions from people wondering why you’d be so crazy as to start planning in 2009 for a 2011 wedding.
  • Secondly, sometimes even I suffer from the “Geez, are we there yet?” feeling. I mean two years is a looooong time.
  • Thirdly, there’s the strong correlation between length of engagements and amount of money spent on wedding magazines. (Yep, I have a wedding magazine addiction.) Those suckers are not that cheap!
  • Nextly (because who says fourthly), be wary of staff / vendor changes. Sometimes people get new jobs, hire assistants or get promotions. It happens.  The people you book may not be the people you end up working with, especially when you book waaaaay in advance.

So do the yins outweigh the yangs?  You tell me. I’m not even a year out yet.

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