Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Oh The Places We’ll Go – Venue Search Part Dos*

Stage 6 @ Steiner Studios
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Brooklyn Academy of Music

Of course being the indecisive bride that I am I couldn’t possible make this decision solo. I needed assistance.  The judging crew included the following: Moi, Mr. H (sometimes), Mumsie, Sister, and Racaca. More on them later.

First stop – Capitale
I really liked it. Loved the columns. Plus I have a thing for converted bank buildings.

Huge space, separate areas for the groom & his boys and the bride & her girls to get ready, awesome balcony overlooking the main reception space which could be used for entrances, pictures or a sneak peak at the room, no site rental fee

Manhattan location, surrounded by fish markets in Chinatown / Little Italy, driving and parking would be a challenge with the congested narrow streets, sewer smell in the downstairs bathroom and kitchen area (could have been an issue that day)


Mumsie: “It’s fine I guess but I couldn’t eat with that smell. It’s your day, I don’t need to eat.”

Sister: “Nope.”

Racaca: “Not quite right. Inside is nice but the outside…”

Mr. H did not attend but his vote went like this: “Um… is it in Manhattan?”
‘Nuff said.

Next up – Stage 6 @ Steiner Studios
In 2009 it was still pretty new but it was obviously becoming the hot new wedding locale.
I liked it fine I would just have to compromise some things.


Parking on-site, only one event at a time, bridal suite, different areas for cocktails, ceremony and reception, outdoor option, cool views, Abigail Kirsch, specializes in events so you don’t have to rent everything, in house lighting

Additional cost for parking, extra fees, no tastings, events start after 6:30pm, not easily accessible by public transportation, exclusive caterer

Mumsie: “I love it! The windows? It’s like being outside. It’s your day so it’s whatever you want. I love it.”

This one came Mumsie recommended. Highly recommended.

No one else was able to attend.

Last but not least are two major Brooklyn cultural institutions.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music
It's like the hippest space. Love the lights. 

Super cool location, those lights in the upstairs windows, in house production (lights & sound), bridal suite overlooks ceremony / reception area, easily accessible by public transportation

Most likely not available on my date due to their performance and event schedules, in house production means union rates, space isn’t the right shape / size
Mumsie: “It’s nice but it would probably work better for an engagement party.”
Sister: “Works for a contemporary Alice in Wonderland theme. Quirky and whimsical.”
Racaca:"Sweet party space just not quite wedding."

The Brooklyn Museum of Art


Parking on-site, huge space, separate locations for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception, really close to home, accessible by public transportation

Steep site rental fee, exclusive caterer, events can’t start until the museum closes to the public, they aren’t really in the business of doing weddings so you need to rent everything

Mumsie: “It’s a bit pricey but it’s your day so if you like it, go for it.”

Sister: “It’s so pretty.”

Mr. H (yeah he made it to this one): “It’s in Brooklyn!”

Racaca: “I love it!”

So that’s the rundown. Next up is the decision making process.  I’ll introduce you to my little friends… the checklist and the spreadsheet.

I only saw four venues. Anyone see way more than that or did you just know where you wanted to get wed?

* all info as of Summer 2009

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