Thursday, September 9, 2010

Picking a date

I don’t like math and I don’t like numbers but picking a date is a numbers game.

Exhibit A

I spent a great part of early 2008 trying to figure out a good date for a wedding.

A lot of the cool ones fell on weekdays.  A Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday was just not going to happen. My favorite date, 8.8.8, was about three weeks after our first first-date-aversary.  Not quite ready for the whole getting hitched thing. Yikes! 

I liked 10.10.10 but really didn’t like the logistics of a Sunday wedding.

9.10.11 was cool but as a New Yorker I couldn’t see having a celebratory shindig one day shy of the 10th anniversary of 9.11.

And then…. GENIUS!


Let me explain. I always wanted to have a Friday evening wedding but as everyone knows weekdays can be a challenge.  Eleven-Eleven-Eleven? Yup, it’s a Friday. But wait there’s more. Veterans Day is the 11th of November. Every. Year.  It’s observed on the day (unless it’s a weekend) every year.  Do you know what that means?  11.11.11 is a federally observed holiday. And that means most of my guests will have the day off.  Holy Three Day Weekend Batman!  Guests would have the whole day to get gussied up and after the festivities, still have their weekend ahead of them.  It’s also not too bad for out of towners. If they were driving they could leave Thursday night.  Hey, I’m nothing if not thoughtful.

Another interesting bit of wonderfulness? Besides the lovely symmetry of the date, this also happens to be Pocky Day. POCKY DAY!!!

Did I mention how much I like Pocky?

I’m not the only person celebrating on that day. Check this guy out!
Also, please note the date on his letter. Awesome?

Am I the only person this crazy about picking a date?

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