Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Pie

I have a bit of an obsession. I’ve wanted a wedding pie long before pies became hip and trendy across the wedding blogosphere. Long before I even booked a venue I’ve extolled the merits of pie over cake. I’ve been dreaming of the delectable deliciousness of a wedding pie for many a year.  I mean cake is fine. You know, if you like that sort of thing but nothing beats a pie.

Just writing the letters P   I  E makes me salivate. There are so many wonderful things about pie starting with the buttery flaky crust and yummy fillings. Might I note that my wedding is in November. What better season for pie than Fall? November is the season for pies.

Look at these beauties.




You could have mini pies which are kind of like tarts. And tarts totally go with my Alice theme of course.



Oh yes, I do get excited about pie. How cute would a little tower of mini pies be? Bite sized pies?

Double YUMS!!!

Alas and alack twas not to be for me or thee.  All those hopes and dreams? Dashed!
There’s one tiny little hiccup with my venue. I can’t bring in my own wedding pie.  Mumsie and Sister were all set to make my wedding pies but the museum does not allow any outside food except for wedding cakes. Emphasis on cake!

I tried mightily to convince them that a wedding pie was just like a wedding cake. It was a valiant albeit unsuccessful effort on my part. Oh sure I could still have pie but I would have to get it from their exclusive pastry people.  That meant Mumsie couldn’t make it. You know what I said to that?

Let them eat cake!

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