Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh The Places We’ll Go – Venue Search Part 1*

Date? Check. Theme? Check.  Location? Working on it.
Once we (mostly me) picked a date it was time to find a place to hold this little soiree. My initial list looked like this: Gotham Hall (the front runner), Broad Street Ballroom, Capitale, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Stage 6 at Steiner Studios, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I picked three in Manhattan and three in Brooklyn.

Two of the locations got cut quick.

Gotham Hall, while absolutely stunning, had one major drawback.


When I called to inquire about pricing they quoted me the following: $325 per person. Yeah, no. I couldn’t justify that one at all. That was the cost BEFORE the 22% gratuity and taxes. It was going to be over $85,000 just for food. No dress. No flowers. No music. No cake. NO WAY.

Broad Street was next on the chopping block.


I just didn’t click with the guy on the phone plus the space is located in the financial district. That area is like a military zone.  Yeah, firearms do not go with my theme soooo that was a big no.

The site rental was $10,000 which at the time was supposedly negotiable.  I was less than enthused about this one so out it went.

Capitale was almost an immediate cut too. Mr. H was pretty adamant about not getting hitched in Manny Hanny.  I really wanted to see that one though so it got a stay of execution… for now.

*all info as of Summer 2009

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