Thursday, September 30, 2010

How Much for a Wedding Photographer?

Let's talk about the biggest determining factor…


Once I narrowed it down to my top ten it was time to check out their rates. Photographers tend to not put their rates up on the website. Those that do tend to put up a “starting at” rate or rates for a general package. Since there were some specific things I knew I wanted I went about making inquiries by email. Here’s a generic email which I tweaked for each photographer:

Good {insert time of day},

I was on the website and really liked the pictures I saw. {insert something complimentary, make it sincere} What would be the investment for 8 hours, an engagement session, a second photographer, access to an online gallery and images on disk? My wedding will be in {insert location and date}.

I sent a version of this email to my top twelve in May 2010 so it is possible that rates have increased for 2011.

Don't let the rates on the spreadsheet dissuade you if you really like a photogs work. A lot of photographers are willing to work with you (within reason) or at the very least refer you to colleagues with similar styles.

Links to websites if you are so inclined:

From this list I made some further cuts...

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