Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh the People We’ll Meet – Hello Potential Wedding Photographer

While I happen to be completely indecisive, once I’ve got a system in place I make decisions pretty quickly. List of questions to ask? Check. Meetings scheduled? Check.  This, this month of June, was decision making time.  Now, I do have a bit of a problem though. I like everyone. (There will be a contradiction to this statement, no doubt in the very near future.) After each meeting I found my trusty wedding notebook and wrote down a pro & con list. The cons aren’t necessarily negatives, they’re just things I happened to be concerned about. I met with four photographers and here are my “reviews”.

I met with her first and thought she was awesome. She was on time for the appointment and I definitely wasn’t. She didn’t hold it against me though. Her rates were within my budget range, a definite plus. Get this… she can put a picture on anything. ANYTHING!!!

  • Connections with some student photogs -- perfect for a secret wedding project I'm working on.
  • Drool worthy brag books: They are these super cute little books that you can give out as favors. Sort of like mini photo albums. Trust me they rock.
  • Pictures are up on her blog pretty quickly.
  • Super timely with email responses.

  • Umm…she posts pictures up on her blog pretty quickly. See, you might not believe this but I’m a very private person. I know, says the girl typing this up on her very public blog. Whatever! At that time I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being on someone’s blog.
  • The mystery 2nd shooter. I wouldn’t know who the 2nd photog would be until we got really close to the wedding date.
  • She tends to be busier in the fall.

She came highly recommended by Sister from the work she did on a wedding my sister planned. She takes amazing food pictures!

  • Experience shooting in the Museum. (Big Plus)
  • Her rates hit a sweet spot with me. (Bigger Plus)
  • Creative ideas for shots in the Museum.
  • I wasn’t thrilled about the album options
  • Six weeks to first pics (seems like an eternity)
  • I don’t think we really connected

She was pretty cool and meshed well with Sister & me. She was completely willing to work out something within our budget.

  • She was super excited about the Wonderland theme.
  • Lovely albums
  • Pictures on blog in a week

  • Deposit schedule

I met with one half of the husband and wife team. Raina is the business half and her husband is the main photographer. She was super sweet and very professional.

  • The price was right
  • Plenty of awesome album options. (She brought swatches and sample albums with her.)
  • Flexible about packages and options

  • Not too familiar with Brooklyn
  • No real contingency plan if they were unable to make the wedding (“I never get sick!” is not a contingency plan.)
  • Ummm.. what if they break up? (No offense.)

All in all I really did like everyone and I would recommend each of them to anyone looking. Alas, I did have to choose one.

And I chose. . .

Who do you think? Leave a comment with your pick.

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