Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey Mr. DJ

I swear I didn’t mean to do it. It wasn’t on my to-do list at all. I wasn’t supposed to start lookin’ a DJ till April. And then it happened. . . I got that itch. Hi, remember me? I’m addicted to wedding magazines. Soooo. . . I just picked up a small one, you know, to take the edge off. Nice New York Weddings Magazine. Pretty pages chock full of vendor listings. Now I had every intention of just looking at florists but my eyes wandered over to the DJ listings. Just a quick peek.  Naturally some of them piqued my interest. On one of my many breaks from NOT writing my papers for class I started looking them up on the interweb. Ugh. . .don’t like you. No you won’t do either. Yikes, what do you mean you won’t play the Chicken Dance?!? It was all very disappointing. And then I found him. . .

Granted I’d come across his info before but now I was really interested in trying to get a DJ. I checked reviews online. Not a single negative review. Seriously. I looked. Not a one. I started to get nervous. Oh dear he’s probably booked up already. So I shot him my usual rate quote inquiry email. He got back to me very quickly with the most professional detail oriented email EVER. He sent an email list of references. I emailed the list and people actually got back to me. Glowing reviews! One woman was on her honeymoon when she replied back. I was impressed.  Their responses boiled down to these main points:

1) super organized and incredibly professional
2) really nice guy, easy to work with
3) works with you to coordinate the flow of the event
4) it’s better to let him feel out the crowd and play what he thinks they want to hear instead of giving him a huge must play list (he’ll do that too if you want)
5) everybody will dance. Everybody did dance. Everybody danced.


We met with him and honestly he had me at hello. He gave us some mixes to listen to and they were awesome. So ladies and gentlemen. . . I gotz a DJ. DJ Gaza in the house!!!!  

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