Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No More Drama

Previously on Hearts & Whimsy there was a bit of drama surrounding the venue and catering.

Well no more!

Sister and I met with the new team at the museum last week. To be honest, I was all set for a fight. I was ready to get my ‘zilla on.

No ‘zilla necessary. Kelly and Michelle, the events staff for the museum, were wonderful. We did a quick walk through. They took notes, showed me pictures of how the ceremony is usually arranged and made some very helpful suggestions. Sigh of relief.

I was expecting the real fight to be with the new catering director. Given my previous experience I was super apprehensive. No need. Samantha was great. She totally got the AIW vision and was already thinking up ways for the food to reflect the theme. She actually said she’d come up with something for the specialty drink. I didn’t even ask about a specialty drink! Oh, she didn’t have a problem with pasta either.  The best part? After we discussed what I wanted she asked me my budget. Gulp! With great trepidation I whispered the number expecting to be chided and laughed at. Her response? Oh, that’s totally doable. Holler!!!!
She’s going to send us a proposal with menu options and pricing this week.
  ::crosses fingers::

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