Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sticker shock!


That’s an understatement. I just got my first florist quote today and to say it’s over my budget is putting it mildly. Now I’ll confess, my ideas are a bit over the top. I have a very particular vision for the reception. Because of this very particular vision I’m keeping it simple for the ceremony and cocktail hour.

Not to keep you in too much suspense. . .

I opened the proposal and scrolled down to look for the total. Oh, 6 grand. Okay, over budget but not too bad I guess. Wait, why does that say deposit amount? Does she want me to deposit the full amount? Hmmm… if that’s not the total. . .

Holly hell muffins! 

She said in the email that it was considerably over my budget.  
Yeah to the tune of $20,000. That’s pronounced twenty thousand doll hairs. As my friend Pippa would say: "That’s a whole lot of doll hairs!"

Maybe I need to consider:

a) scaling back my vision
b) getting another quote
c) figuring out how we can do this ourselves
d) balloons



  1. Balloons???? Lady are you crazy! No! No balloons for you. Balloons in the museum you must be out of your mind.

  2.! I would have peed myself when I read $20,000!! I definitely would get some more quotes and think about scaling back some or maybe some somethings yourself. That's wayyyy expensive, wow.

  3. ok... wow! I would suggest finding another florist with a quote like that.. I think it's an insulting waste of your time to even send that to you. If they are not a florist who is able to work within your price range than they are not a good fit at all. I contacted so many florists, gave them my budget and asked them what weddings average for them, until I found the perfect match. I sent her SO many pictures and she was able to make all of dreams come true...under my max budget.

  4. you can do so much better than that!! where are you located? I'LL do them! :)

    lovely little details

  5. That's utterly absurd!! You can absolutely get a better price than that...try and see what other reasonable people can do with you vision before changing it.

  6. Wow! What I could do with your flower budget! :-)

    What is your "vision"? Had you told the florist how much your budget was before getting the quote? Maybe they can offer a slightly different version that you would be very happy with and would be in your budget?

    I would say get multiple quotes. Also, figure out how much it would cost you to do the floral yourself; remember your time is worth a lot! Figure that into your costs as well!

  7. My "vision" is a bit over the top but I want to keep it a surprise if I can pull it off. I told them my budget was $3500. I was hoping she'd give me a quote for what she could do with that budget. We might try to do it ourselves. Definitely going to get some more quotes.

  8. She should have been respectful of your budget. I really dislike it when you tell a vendor your budget and then they completely ignore it. To me, it is extremely rude. Personally, it makes me feel like they are just hoping that I will fall in love and throw the budget out the window. I had the same experience wedding dress shopping.
    On a more positive note! I really recommend if you are planning on doing the arrangements yourself. They only have high quality flowers that come (primarily) from South America. I use them two to four times a year.
    A good place to get florist supplies is Another idea, is that some florists have an area set-up for you to use all of their tools, if you buy the flowers from them. Warning, that choice will be more expensive :-)

  9. Thanks for recommendations and ideas! I had the same experience with the dress shopping and you're so right about them hoping you just throw out the budget. Tricky little devils!

  10. Wow, $20,000??? If she knew that what you were asking was way over your budget she should have talked with you about it before sending you that absurd quote. I think it is worthwhile finding a few other florists, talk to them about your vision and your budget, and then find out how they can fit those two things together. We have a very modest flower budget and ultimately we are going to DIY our bud vases. But those are bud vases and should be pretty easy to pull off.

    Good luck!

  11. Mah lawd, girlie! Cut that in half and it's still a LOT of money. Can't wait to see what flowers you're planning - they must be stunners.

  12. Pippa here...holy dollhairs Batgirl...that is as many dollhairs as 1000 British Historical Society faux Catherine Middleton engagement rings! Wait - how long do flowers last once frozen? I can collect a few from the Royal Wedding...


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