Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Finally Here!


There’s a Paper Source in Brooklyn! Yippee!!! Conveniently located at 102 Smith Street for all my crafting needs. We (Mumsie, Sister and Lil Sis) went to their grand opening event this past Saturday. I. Love. This. Place. I’ve been stalking it all summer. I heard a rumor it was coming and every time I rode by on the bus I checked to see how much progress was being made. I might have actually taken a specific bus just to check the store’s status. Anywhos, they were doing demos all day on Saturday and we stuck around for the duration. I learned quite a bit. Something tells me I’ll be spending a lot of time and money here in the foreseeable future.

Things I’ve fallen in love with since Saturday:

Xyron – This is not a creature from outside space but a nifty contraption that makes stuff into stickers.

Rubber stamping – I kind of bought some rubber stamps and inkpads already.  They have a really nice selection in store and online.

Embossing – I’ve heard and read tutorials about embossing before but it is pretty cool in real life. OMG, it’s soooo easy. With the right tools of course.

The X-acto knife – Even I can cut straight with this. I had no idea. The woman giving the demo left us with this tip. When using it to cut straight lines hold it so your index finger is straight out along the length of the tool so it doesn’t pivot. When you want to cut out a pattern hold it more like a pencil. See I did learn something!

Super tacky tape and tape runners – swoon

I’m still not that much of DIY kinda gal so I’m really just envisioning the DIFM assembly line I’m going to have for all “my” crafting projects. I’m an excellent supervisor.  


  1. Ahhh! I'm so jealous!!! I wish there was one of those where I live!! I love all the stuff you listed! I'm addicted to office supplies and craft supplies.. and yes, I'm a nerd, LOL!

    How exciting for you, I hope you get a ton of use out of having one so close. =)

  2. I wish there was one here!! Sounds fun!

  3. Omg that's awesome! I may have to drag my friends over there next time I'm in BK. PS--the Xryon is awesome. PPS- I'm jealous that you're so close.

  4. I heard that opened - I can't wait to go! I read somewhere (and I'll have to find it if you are interested) but an author of a book (gosh, i'm SO informative) about paper crafts is doing a demonstration and book signing there on Saturday. I think I'll probably head over there to check out the store and the paper crafts!

    How are their prices?

  5. I think Michaels has better prices and more sales but they aren't too bad.


    Here's the event I was talking about!


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