Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Wrap-up

November turned out to be quite the interesting month indeed. As you may recall I had some goals for this month. Let's see how I did.

(1) Formally inviting the bridal party? Umm. . . not so much. They all KNOW who they are but I ran into some setbacks with the actual invites. I'm not ready to call it a failure yet.  Details eventually. 

(2) Checking out some florists? I did meet with a florist yesterday but I didn't talk budget. We just kind of talked design and stuff. Sooo...I still don't know how much things cost. Whoops!

(3) Buying a dress? Check!

(4) Revisiting the venue and caterer situation? Met with them on Monday. Yay! I love the new catering director! Details eventually. 

(5) Checking out the venue on November 11th? Check!

(6) Registry? Yeah, STILL need to get cracking on that.

(7) Cake designs? Totally forgot cause I was taken over by PIE SEASON. I'll get to it this month. Honest.

Not on my original list was meet with DJs. I met with one and it looks super promising. Details eventually.

I think I did okay. Thoughts?


  1. I think you did FABULOUS!! Kudos to you, girl!

  2. Thanks! I'm not going to be too ambitious for December.


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