Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Problem!!!

Nature has blessed us with quite a bit of snow round here. Now I have time to make lists. I’m all about the list. Lists are great! I love lists! Whenever I feel particularly overwhelmed I make a list. Like right now I’m making a list of…..LISTS!!! I also thought I'd post some pics of pup from the last big snowstorm.
Pup trying to decide if he wants to go out.

Here’s my list of lists I need to make:

1. Things I need to do for this here blog
2. Things I need to do at home
3. Things I need to do for work
4. Things I need to do for the cake business
5. Wedding stuff






Starting to make some progress.

a lot of progress

I’ve condensed the wedding stuff down into the following goals for January:
  • Florist quotes
  • Start the hunt for bridesmaid dresses
  • Finalize invitation design
  • Hotel blocks (Grrrr….)
  • Wedding website
  • Get back on the fitness wagon
  • Start finalizing catering menu
  • Cake designs and dessert options

This is a reasonable amount to accomplish this month. I’m out of school until February so I have a bit more time to “git ‘er dun”

Time to go back in.


  1. Oh man! I hope we don't get that snow!

  2. I'm so in love with the puppy pictures! I can't wait to get a puppy!

    Good luck on your list!! =D


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