Wednesday, March 9, 2011



I love having minions. Everybody should have minions. Don’t worry my minions don’t mind being called minions. I’ve known them since they were wee ones in high school and now they are all growed up and in college. In order to get my invitations assembled I will be calling upon these dutiful souls to assemble, in my basement, for an assembling party. 

There’s some coordination involved since they have different spring breaks.  Luckily for me, there are a couple of days that overlap. I’m also taking some time off from work to get these puppies in order.

We’ve got the who (minions), the where (basement) now we need the what, as in what they will be doing.

I present the minion assignments.

Printer minion – That’s me! I’m my own minion. I’ll print out everything prior to the party. I’m doing this from home so I’ll print over a few days so as not to tax the printer too much.

Cutter minion: Most likely Sister will get this assignment. She’ll have to cut most of them before the party. It’s approximately 115 invites and 115 RSVP cards. Maybe I need another cutter?

Rounder minions: These two minions pre-selected themselves. You know who you are.  They quite liked the edge rounder when they were over the last time. I have to buy another one soon.

Stamper minions: This one has subcategories.
  • Invite stamper minion: This task is super important and calls for a minion with an eye for detail and a predilection for precision.  I know just the minion.

  • RSVP stamper minions: I could use 4 minions for this job or I could make do with 2. Precision isn’t as important here.

Embosser minions: Same as Stamper minions.

Wrapping minions: Upon completion of the above tasks all minions will be temporarily converted into wrapping minions.

Labeling minions: Converted wrapping minions

Voila! Invites done and ready to go.

I told you minions were awesome!

*HCC4 Life


  1. My Mom and I assembled our invites; it would have been very helpful to have minions! ;-)

  2. No, no one else will be cutting they will just screw it up.

  3. haha love the pictures...and i loved that movie! yay for minions!

  4. This is all very interesting. Looks like you have a good line-up, you are organized, they are all over 18 and local. Nice work. If you need a taskmaster to supervise the whole thing, sword cane ready to discipline, just call this Pip in! Pippa's Tip: Why do it yourself when someone else will do it for you, for free, just the way you like it, it's not illegal AND it won't say "Made in Taiwan" on the back?!?!?!

  5. If you need a minion.. I'm game =)


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