Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ceremony Timing

Thanks everybody for weighing in on my latest venue drama. Methinks we’ll try to make it work with 68 chairs and 82 standers. Keeping in mind that some of those standers will be wedding party peeps. It was pretty much consensus that I shouldn’t have a super long ceremony if people will be standing. There goes the full catholic mass.


This ceremony has to be short and sweet. Short is no problem but I hope we don’t have to sacrifice sweet and meaningful for it.

We still want to include a reading or two. At the very least I might just have to weave them into the programs.

I personally wanted to do the wine and chocolate ritual ala Mrs. Lovebug.

And then there are the vows. Writing our own might result in them being on the long side. Traditional vows are short, to the point and have worked for countless couples before us sooo. . .

Can we do all of this in twenty minutes or should I prepare myself to lose something?


  1. I think you can totally do it in twenty mins! My cousin got married and their ceremony was very personalized for them and it seriously was like.. 10 mins. It's all about how you choose to fill your time!

  2. Totally doable! We're also having a reading and what we consider a "full/complete" ceremony; it will be about 25mins....

  3. Our ceremony was about 12 minutes. We didn't have readings but we did a "wine box ceremony" and it was very personalized. You can do it!

  4. I think that ceremonies tend to be shorter than you think they will be.. it may seem long when written down, but saying it/doing it makes all the difference. I absolutely think you can include pretty much everything and still keep it around the 20 minute mark!

  5. I agree..20 min. should be good..even with readings!

  6. definitely do your own vows...i think it would be unique and beautiful..i know i would cry! lol


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