Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Girl with 5 Registries - Part 2

How does a girl who didn’t even really want a registry end up with 5? You read about the first two…here’s the story of the final (?) three.


Registry #3

Bed! Bath! and Beyond!

This one is a keeper. I think I started this after I realized how expensive the Blooms registry was going to be. Plus the Triple B has just about everything Bloomie’s has at much better prices. The online selection seems to be more extensive as well. Granted, I don’t really have space to put any of these things and some of the items are no longer available. Le sigh.

 *Pictures courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond

The interface isn’t all that pretty but they do offer tons of coupons, specials, free gifts and a nice completion program.  

Registry #4

I have a fondness for the C&B. I like their stuff and then there’s this whole contest thing. I’m a sucker for contests. I ended up not entering the contest though.  I read the fine print and I had to give up too much control over wedding details if I won.
No thanks bub!

This one is probably a keeper as well. Everything comes in pretty teals and purples, oranges and reds.  As an additional bonus I love the Marimekko bedding (ummm… it’s Finnish! I adore the Finns! Perfection on a stick!)

 *Pictures courtesy of Crate & Barrel

The interface is clean and simple. It’s pretty easy to use. They also have those registry parties which I really want to attend.


Initially I wanted only brick and mortar establishments but Amazon has EVERYTHING. Ummm….sign me up! I figured Mr. H might be more interested in this one since it has more options for things he might want/like/need. Yeah… so far this is what’s on this one:

  *Picture courtesy of Amazon.com

Nonsense! It’s just too many choices and I don’t even know where to start. Amazon also has that universal registry button which could come in handy. What’s more perfect than a “register anywhere and everywhere for anything and everything” button for a girl with 5 registries?  Oh dear!

Anybody go overboard with their registries?


  1. We registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond this past Wednesday.. I loved their selection of stuff. It's the first place we registered and I remember when they "let us loose" to go out in the store on our own with the scan gun, I remember standing there at the HUGE wall of kitchen gadgets feeling so overwhelmed. But, I pulled it together and my fiance and I took turns with the scan gun. We still plan on registering at Crate & Barrel (LOVE their stuff and I really want to attend a registry event with them) and Target, as well.

  2. BBB is a MUST for registries in my book. It will be number one for us.

    Also.. didn't realize Amazon had a registry?! That's amazing!!


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