Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Place for Everything

…and everything in its place.  Something just occurred to me as I started to put together my list of supplies for the invitations. Hey kiddo, where are you going to put all this stuff? Hmmm…. Good point.  It’s not just the invite stuff either. As this wedding thing looms closer, I’m going to start acquiring more and more stuff. And I can’t…nay I won’t let it look like this:


So I’m in the market for a “wedding cabinet” of sorts.

I’m considering this:

Or this

Maybe this?

I think I’m leaning towards the workstation though. I could get decorative baskets for the shelves and put labels on them. Yippeee!!!  I know how lazy I am so maybe something with doors just in case I never get around to those decorative baskets with cute labels.



  1. I think having a work station is a great idea! We have a spare bedroom right now that I call "wedding central" and all the wedding stuff is boxed up and in the closet in there until I need it. The closet is actually too full right now, so Lord help us, LMAO! We should be building our house soon and thankfully that'll give us so much more room!

  2. I basically completely re-decorated my basement to accomodate wedding/crafting stuff, hahaha. Buying one shelf is totally reasonable!

  3. @Manda Mack & Danielle: both of you are crafting goddesses!

  4. I have a spare room that is going to become my "wedding room" this weekend. My dinning room currently looks like your picture ;-)

  5. I vote for the shelves to put cute baskets on. Don't ask me why but I have always dreamed of having shelves with organized baskets like out of a Real Simple. Go for it!

  6. Definitely go for the shelves! its cute and definitely can be repurposed after the wedding too!

  7. You're in luck, k, this is Pippa's area of expertise: organization makes the world go 'round. It is what gives meaning to my life. And, since Pip's not green at all, I say go plastic or go home to a messy workspace. Plastic bins mean you can see what's inside, you can use labels, stacking is easy and saves space, you have lids to prevent spillage (or in case a certain 4-legged beast decides to go exploring) AND when all is said and done: reuse (is Pip green after all?!?). Pippa's Tip: Don't let that power-hungry mouse fool you - The Container Store is the happiest place on earth!


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