Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What about the Aged and Infirm?


When last I left you there was a decision to be made. @Steph c @Laura & @Danielle, you probably know where this is going. I’m about 99.7% sure I’m going with the ‘shrooms, which then presents the problem of less than half of my guests being able to get a seat during the ceremony. So who gets to sit? Why, the aged and infirm of course. The sick part of me keeps picturing people sending in doctor’s notes with their RSVPs.  I digress.

This part was a little tricky. I broke out the old guest list and started checking off the aged and/or infirm to count up just how many chairs I’ll need. I figure I won’t get 70 chairs just to get the maximum allowed. It’s better to see exactly how many we’ll need for the "mature" set and then maybe add ten more for unexpected ski / ballet accidents. You never know with this lot. Plus I'm sure somebody is going to catch the baby fever before November so a few extras will come in handy.

According to our calculations we have 20 people who need seats. I'm going to make it an even 30. I'll also have to add something on the website and possibly with the invites to let people know it's standing room only. It also gives me an excuse to do something cute for the reserved seats. Hmmm....

On the bright side I’m saving money on chairs, right?

Sidebar: It occurred to me that we (me and Mr. H) will be standing during the whole ceremony. So fair is fair.  I know it’s a rationalization but just go with it.

Would you be crazy upset if you had to stand?

Stay tuned. . . Sister thinks my idea sucks. After she presents her side, you be the judge.


  1. When I went to my cousin's wedding they had it outside and could have a ton of seating, if wanted, but they chose to only have enough seating for their parents and the elderly.. everyone else had to stand. I didn't really hear anyone complain about it.. but then again, their ceremony was literally only like 5 mins long, lol. I loveeee the shroom room and I completely support your idea! =D

  2. Are you having ushers? This could eliminate the issue: Tell everyone that there will be standing room only, mark the seats as "reserved" and then have your "mature" guest seated by the groomsmen/ushers. :-)
    As long as the ceremony isn't crazy long, you should not hear any complaints!

  3. I really think you'll be fine as long as your ceremony isn't an hour long ;) You're making reasonable accommodations for the people that them!

  4. I think if it's a shorter ceremony you should be 100% fine. They can deal ;)


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