Monday, March 28, 2011

The Girl with 5 Registries – Part 1

Whew! I totes feel better about the venue and ceremony stuff. Muchas gracias ya’ll! Let’s lighten the mood a bit by talking about how I became the girl with 5 registries. It’s not because I’m greedy. I swear! Mr. H doesn’t even want ONE let alone FIVE.  So start at the beginning we shall.
Registry #1
Pottery Barn seduced me with its sweepstakey charms to get me on the registry bandwagon. It seemed like a win-win. I’ve always liked the PB and now I might get a chance to win some stuff. How could I resist? Off we went to do this one in person.
I dragged the mister and he was gracious and very tolerant. He really didn’t want to do this. He hated it! He didn’t see the point of any of the stuff in the store. This one is getting canceled. It’s empty now but we registered for some lampshades, a random buffet thing and maybe even a couch.  Eh. Not really into it. The only reason it’s still “active” is because I actually have to make a phone call to shut it down. Not bloody likely!
Registry #2
Welcome to Bloomingdale’s! PB was the only place we registered in person. All of the others were done online from the comfort of my bed.
Confession time!
The major reason for registering at Bloomies? Bethenny. Yup, that’s the Bethenny Frankel.
I was watching the Bethenny Getting Married episode with her registering at Bloomie’s. It was so hilarious! I went and started my own Blooms Registry. The biggest problem? It’s bloody expensive! There’s nothing I really NEED. This registry is a whole bunch of wants.
Like this
and this

The interface is lovely and DUH… it’s Bloomie’s! So posh and fabulous, sigh. This one might get the ax too. Moving on. . .
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  1. We have three registries: Crate and Barrel, Macy's and a small local china shop, Smith's China. We would have only had Macy's and Crate and Barrel, but my mom found that her local china shop had our crystal, flatware, and every day dishes at about 30% to 50% off of Macy's pricing. I highly recommend them!
    Their website is a little funky, but if you know what you want, or can find it on their site, they will create a registry for you. It's not as slick as Macy's; your guests have to call to purchase anything. They are super friendly, very helpful, and carry A LOT!

  2. I don't even know what that first thing is from Bloomie's. But if Bethenny has it, I want it.

    PS. Have you ever had her Skinny Girl margaritas? I don't think they sell it down here in DC :((

  3. @ steph c: I'm such a bad blogger! I should have put what it was. It's a deep fryer! I haven't tried the Skinny Girl margarita.I'm okay with the regular margaritas...YUMS!

    @ FutureMrsT: I'll check out the china not that I need anymore options. LOL!


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