Thursday, March 17, 2011

Round and Round We Go


The other little kink in the plan is the setup of the ceremony. Given the layout of the space the catering director suggested doing the ceremony in a round. Lovely suggestion!  During a bit of bridal induced mania I once considered this option but had to let go of the notion. It just didn't work in the previous space.  Another digression, I apologize.

Well Sister brought up an excellent point after I finished yesterday's post. The whole people being able to see and the aesthetics of 120 people standing. Curse her! Foiled again! She mentioned some nonsense about how it's going to look with 120 people standing. 

To which I countered by saying, "But they'll be in sections." 

And she returned that with, "Thirty people standing versus 15 people standing is a lot and people will be jockeying to see."  

I'll concede that she does have a point.

Grrr! Now I think I'm getting 70 chairs again. Well maybe 68 since 70 doesn't divide evenly by 4. 

If we go this route I won't be making all 68 reserved seating. The remaining 48 (20 reserved) will be a first come first served kind of thing. Now I'm picturing people fighting over seats. Dear me! ( I know what you're thinking. What kind of people is she inviting to the wedding?? Never mind all that.) 

So who has the better idea, Me or Sister?

Holler at your girl! 


  1. Oh geez now I don't know. Maybe all the chairs, and then let people know ahead of time that there's limited seating? Damn semantics.. I'm so in love with your space, I wish it wasn't making your life so hard :(

  2. I like the idea of everyone sitting standing might cause some people to complain! Good luck! New follower!

  3. I have no clue. Sorry!

  4. My what a pickle you are in. I think everyone standing might be ok. Do you think there is any way that you could get a raised platform in there? Even if it is only a couple of feet off the ground might help everyone to be able to see. You would only need it for you and the officiant.


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