Friday, March 4, 2011

February Wrap-up & March Gear up

It's that time again. . .

Whew! Another month gone and I'm starting to get nervous. The year is whizzing by. Here's how productive I was in February:

Rubber stamps acquired from awesome Etsy seller. The stamps are indeed wonderful. I will be sharing more later.

Seriously,  I think I found a florist. (I didn't get the quote yet but Sister has the hook-up so I'm keeping all my digits crossed.)

Sister tried on a bridesmaid dress at RK Bridal. That place is crazy on the weekend. 
Hotel to Venue transport acquired-- Ding Ding Ding went the trolley.

Fitness??--- Yeah, about that. See what had happened was. . .

Flight discounts (thanks Ms. Cheetah)  -- Tabling that for the summer

Now let's see what's on the agenda for March:

Start ordering invitation supplies 

Ask the flower girls

Revisit the budget – Double Sigh.

Finalize catering

Finalize florist

Cake designs

and speaking of cake designs, here are pics of cakes mumsie and sister did recently: (shameless plug I know)

Maybe I could replace the kitty with a Cheshire cat's grinning face?


or how about the Caterpillar instead of the monkey?

Sidebar: Blogging + smartphone = Success! 
I blogged about potential bridesmaid dresses awhile back and was able to pull up the post on my phone to get the style numbers during our impromptu RK visit. Hooray!!


  1. AHH! February did fly right by, didn't it? I feel like it was just yesterday I was reading your end of January beginning of February post. It's getting so close, girl! PS.. those cakes are FABULOUS! (I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty, LMAO!).

  2. RK Bridal does get nutso, but I kind of love their system for trying on wedding dresses.. I got mine there! Did your sister find a dress?!

  3. Ha! I did the same thing for my wedding hair - I pulled up my post and showed it to my hairdresser - saved the day since I had forgotten to print out a pic!

  4. Lil sister sort of found her perfect prom dress but we weren't ready to buy yet.

  5. Pip isn't going to comment on your schedule, cuz she knows Betsy has it under control. Now, about this cake, I am thinking multi-colored Alice madness: Bottom tier, a solid color with little notes attached that say "eat me" and perhaps little caterpillars attached; middle tier purple (and pink stripes) with just creepy yellow smiles pasted along the side and top tier: a black top hat! Perhaps even with a teacup balanced precariously on top?!? Pippa's Tip: when your theme is Alice and your mum's making the cake (free?) the sky's the limit!


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