Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Etsy Love

I just received my purchase from another wonderful Etsy seller. It’s this beauty here:

Till Death Designs is such a lovely shop. I’ll probably order more hair flowers for the bridesmaids. I’m considering this too:


Tiffany, the shop’s owner, is very sweet. She packaged everything with extreme caution. I’m pretty sure it would’ve survived an elephant stampede. She also included a free gift. They were three adorable daffodil clips that would be perfect for a flower girl. I think she sprayed the hair flower with perfume because it spelled so good.

Also on my list of Etsy shops is pigdreams:
At some point I’ll be purchasing a shoe clip. Aren't they completely drool worthy?

The other day I was in DSW and took pictures of shoes I though this clip would look good on.

This one is cute and fun and would probably work as part of my rehearsal dinner outfit.Not that I even know what that's going to be yet!  Or maybe engagement shoot???

This one isn't as playful but it's a simple shoe that could be very versatile with different clips. 



  1. Shoe clips are my new obsession. Can't find the right pair of sassy shoes? Buy a shoe clip!

    PS. Love the two headpieces!

  2. Oh how cute!! Those hair pieces are FAB!

    I'm a sucker for those polka dot shoes, I have a pair of flats that look just like them, lol.

  3. @Danielle: I totally thought of you when I saw the polka dots.

  4. Pippa frequently uses shoe clips and hairbands (sometimes with flowers) to accessorize. You have full Pip support on this one. Plus, flowers in the hair are VERY whimsical. I have to agree with Danielle that the polka is the way to go. Very fun, will look so fab with the shoe clips and can be used over and over again. I know I've said this before, but fun shoes under all that white taffeta/tulle/ruffles is just so "in" right now. Pippa's Poll: Should Pips affix a flower to her Cat ears for this affair?

  5. @Pippa: I think you should put a flower on your cat's collar - less fuss that way :-)

    PS - my cat would just eat it!


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