Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Friday – The Return

For those of you who’ve been reading since the beginning you may recall my brief dalliance with the push-up and sit-up challenges. You may also recall my recent enthusiasm for a well priced blue ball. This time I think I’ve found something I can stick to. You’re intrigued. I can tell.

Before I get to that “something” let’s take a trip further down memory lane. There was a time in college where I used to work out rather regularly. One of my fav workout vids was this one:

Loved it!
As luck would it I have acquired something that rivals the supreme awesomeness of The Grind.

I bought a Wii!!!

Stop rolling your eyes. Trust me on this one. It came with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. Plus while I was in Target I also picked up Just Dance 2 and Zumba Fitness

Already they are kicking my derriere. Mostly because I like to start off with a little Wii tennis, followed by 3-5 songs to meet my “sweat goal” in Just Dance 2 then 20 minutes of a Zumba workout. Crikey!

I thought about canceling my gym membership but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Methinks I’ll hold on to it for now.

Here’s my plan: 
  • Workout with the Wii for 20-30 minutes in the morning before work. 
  • Gym in the pm after work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. 
  • Wii it up some more on the weekends with the fam.
If I can get a good routine going in the morning this might actually work. I’ll keep you updated. So far I managed to rouse myself early and Wii it up Monday morning. I also did some Wii action in the pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. At the very least I'm generating some cardio for 20 mins.

What’s your fitness routine like?


  1. Oh I LOVE my Dance Central game for the Kinect.. I really work up a sweat with it. I really want to get Zumba, too, I heard it's awesome!! Good luck with your plan!! I need to step up my fitness game, too! We should be fitness buddies! LOL!

  2. You are making me sweat just thinking about it! ;-)

  3. Right now I mostly do yoga and pilates at home.. would love to get my butt to a real class though.

    How is Zumba for the Wii? I've great things about the one for the xBox Kinect, but we don't have that :(

  4. @ steph c: It's pretty good for the Wii. It comes with a belt to hold the Wii remote so it can pick up hip movements. It's probably better (and harder) on the Kinect. My favorite thing is the prompt to take a water break. It's also a little fast at times but I likes it plenty.

  5. Wii Fit Resort = best invention ever! i also feel like i need to come over and play just dance...KICK SOME BUTT!


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