Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Venue Lemonade


When your venue gives you lemons… you make lemonade!  Lest you forget what lemonade is like, let me remind you. It’s tasty tis true but it can also be a bit tart. Pucker up dah-lings as I bring you the sweet and not so sweet about the venue.

We did a walk-through on Friday to check out new spaces for the ceremony. We looked at the auditorium but I just wasn’t sold. I’d have to spend extra just trying to get it to look less auditorium-like.  I also get just a touch anxious being on a stage but the best part about this option is that I don’t have to pay for chairs. Sweet! The chairs are pretty cushy on the tushy too.  Alas, I fear I won't be able to get past the whole stage bit.

The next option is wondrous indeed. There’s a new installation in their Great Hall. It looks like this:
You know what those remind me of??? MUSHROOMS!

How terrifically Alice-y!

I’m quite enamored with this space.  It’s a bit more dramatic than I wanted for the ceremony. I mean where do you go from giant mushrooms? In any event this installation will only be up through early next year. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime thing but. . .here’s the kicker

It only seats 70.

Yeah, and I'm fixing to have 150 guests.

To be continued. . .


  1. AHH! That space is SO awesome!!! That sucks hardcore that it only seats 70!! I'd be kicking and punching the air in anger.. lol!

  2. It only seats 70, but what about a standing room only wedding?!? =D

    They do look like mushrooms, but it's totally awesome.

  3. Oh no!! I totally love that space.. you NEEEED to have the ceremony there. What about some people standing...?


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