Monday, October 11, 2010

Sister to the Rescue

At this point I was more than peeved so I called on the services of Sister, who also happens to be my wedding planner. She got in touch with the Museum's events manager and expressed her displeasure thusly:

Hello Mr Fong,

My name is <edit>, <edit> sister and wedding planner and all further communications will go through me.

It seems as though you are a tad bit confused as to what was offensive about the nature and tone not only of the email I forwarded to <events manager>, but also the other emails and the phone conversation you had with my sister. Firstly, I would just like to mention that both my mother and I have Hospitality Management degrees and work as pastry chefs. As such we often cater events through our family business that we are all involved in. I am also a freelance event/wedding planner. With that said rest assured we completely understand the nature of the industry and no further explanations to that end are needed.

Secondly, let's review. In many industries when responding to emails individuals will use a different font or color to make sure the other party can differentiate the answers from questions. However, most people use calm colors like blue or purple and italicized as opposed to using capped red lettering. Generally, people will avoid that route as it is know in internet etiquette that using caps means you're yelling and red lettering implies that you're upset. Next, this is a customer service industry and you most certainly never tell a client that you are too busy to speak with them or tell them what they cannot have. You work with the client's vision and if what they want isn't exactly within their budget you offer suggestions and different options. You never ever tell a client no, it is incredibly bad form. For example, the comment about pasta. Pasta is an extremely easy dish to prepare and it is an insult to your chef to assume he/she is unable to provide that for a large group. Besides, my family is Italian and a wedding without pasta is unthinkable. Also, when a client asks about the feasibility of a request one does not respond with the cost of the request. It comes off as condescending and not helpful. As stewards of the hospitality industry, we are here to serve first and foremost and one must never forget that. I am willing to give you a second chance and attempt to work through any difficulties we may come across, but I do so with extreme reservation. I do this only because my sister has her heart set on having the wedding at BMA. Otherwise, I would advise her to move on as your previous disposition was unacceptable whether you realize it or not.

I would have hoped for this situation to have been much different, but perhaps it can be remedied. The meeting scheduled for July 13th will go forward as planned and I will be in attendance. I will see you then.



  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm following you as well now! =) I'm a 11-12-11 bride, so we are right there together!! LOL! *HIGH FIVE* to us!

  2. HOly crap! I'm glad she put him in his place!


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