Thursday, January 6, 2011

The +1 situation

Let’s talk guest lists. I’ve had my guest list figured out since '09. Of course there’s an excel spreadsheet involved.

I also have the seating figured out. I’ve got a trick up my sleeve which I can’t share just yet.  This guest list however, is an interesting phenomenon. It’s dynamic and subject to my whims and fancies.  

What does that mean?

It means I keep adding and deleting people. One thing that has remained constant is the inclusion of plus ones. Nearly every single (unattached) person that’s invited will get a plus one.

The reason?

It just makes it easier for me to budget. It also means fewer surprises when the RSVPs come back. I’d rather extend the offer and have people not take me up on it than the opposite.

You know what the opposite is?

Extra people and additional money I didn’t budget for. No thank you.

How are you dealing with the +1 situation?

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