Friday, January 14, 2011

Let’s Talk About Cake

Yumsie! Yumsie! Yumsie! Oh the cake consult. I just wrapped one up last night with our lovely bakers. They really are amazing. Who are they you ask? Con Amore. Full Disclosure: Con Amore is Mumsie and Sister’s burgeoning cake business. This means I get to be extra EXTRA crazy with my demands. I mean requests. At the conclusion of our meeting many decisions were made. All of which are subject to change.

To start off I had Sister do some sketching of cake ideas. I’m going hard with the playing card motif. Tell me if you think it’s too much.

Early sketch
My first rather grandiose idea is depicted in the lower right. I was thinking a little gradation in color with a darker purple on the bottom. One of the tiers has a light lace detailing which was supposed to mimic my dress.

Later Sketch

The cake in the upper left corner has quotes from the story. This is a cute idea and veers away from the card theme which I might be beating to death with a wedding stick.

Sister also wants us to consider the following for a groom’s cake. I’m not sold.


Tardis cake

If I heard the caterer correctly we are totally responsible for dessert; a task both terrifying and terrific. Terrifying because there are so many choices. Terrific because there are soooo many choices.  I’ve narrowed it down to three cake flavors though. Sister wants a fourth. Hmmm…

{Cake Flavors}

Cheesecake w/ red velvet on the bottom – We call these “Red Bottoms” Cheeky buggers

Chocolate w/caramel buttercream – These ought to be super yums.

Vanilla w/ passionfruit buttercream – Divine!

How do these flavors sound? Any others I should consider for a possible fourth choice?


  1. Oh I love the groom's cake idea! But maybe if you are responsible for all desserts, it doesn't have to be a groom's cake per se, but you could have a cake bar, all themed!

  2. Flavors sound so delish! Can't wait to taste! Con Amore is the BEST cupcake place in NYC!!!!!

    I really like your first cake design with the color gradiation. Pippa's tip: wouldn't it be cute to have your top tier of whatever design you go with be the mad hatter's hat with cards sticking out?!?!?

    What about a traditional cake (square instead of circle) with Alice-y elements like cards, mushrooms, etc. for the groom cake. Or a giant mushroom?

  3. Due to the fact that I am a frequent visitor of your kitchen, I feel that my opinion on this is totally valid. Those cake flavors = AWESOMENESS!!!

    As for cake design, my vote is the second sketch with the big diamond bottom tier. (I was wondering where the spade suit was until i saw it topped the cake)

    Groom's cake sounds cool. I think the mad hatters hat needs a little pizazz though. Pardon how ridiculous this may sound, but how about the chesire cat? He's funky. Maybe you can drop the hatters hat on him? Just an idea...

  4. wow!! That all looks and sounds amazing! Great cake flavors, too! I'm going for my cake tasting soon and I'm soooo excited to pick out my flavors too!


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