Monday, January 3, 2011

You Look Mah-vah-lous! -- Red Carpet Poses

Previously on Hearts & Whimsy some crazy girl hijacked my blog to talk about red carpets. Well that crazy girl is back. At some point this very same post I’m about to post will make its way on to my wedding website. 

There’s a level of formality and fabulousity I’d like on display at the wedding. To that end here dear future guests are tips on looking fierce (oh snap!) on the purple carpet.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fiercest one around? Mrs. Beckham of course! They don't call her Posh for nothing.

Hands on hips to accentuate the waist and step that foot out in front to elongate those legs.


Also ranking high on the fierce meter is J-Lo.  Note her shoulders in these pics.


Kim K likes the over the shoulder look which is a good option if you want to emphasize the back of a dress or ahem... your backside.

Sienna Miller isn't necessarily fierce but she rocks the hand on hip with a big smile look.

I can't forget my couples. 

Oh those Olsens. Note the sideways stance.


Jen and her merry band of beaus. Again note the sideways stance and arm placements but watch those death grips.

Nicole Kidman really pulls off the sweetness in the couple head tap. Also nice for engagement pictures.


Daily Candy has a nice video on how to look good in pictures

To summarize those tips:

1) Twist your body and lean into the camera putting your weight on the foot in the front.
2) Lifting your chin slightly plays up your lips & lowering your chin plays up your eyes.
3) Relax those fingers. Look at J-Lo's hands. Use your purse or your date as a prop (See Ms. Aniston).

If you have any other tips I'll gladly take them below.

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  1. The look over the shoulder thing is suppose to make your face look slimmer, too, and eliminate any kind of double chin!


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