Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poor Mr. H

He's gotten off pretty easy thus far. Haven't made him attend any vendor meetings. He's just not that interested. The only venue he visited was the one we picked. He's not that interested in the "minutiae" of this whole wedding planning business. His major priorities?

Is the food good? 
Will there be liquor? 
Can I have sushi? 
No cheese please. 
How much is this going to cost again? Ai-yah!!

Well now I've got some tasks for him to complete. Poor Mr. H.
Eh, he'll get over it.


1) get email addresses from his guests so I can start collecting their mailing info in my handy dandy form-o-matic address collector
2) assist me with writing stuff on the wedding website
3) wrangle those groomsmen

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