Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Pippa's World

I've got this friend. Let's call her Pippa. Here's some words of wisdom she dropped on the blog recently. Take heed citizens!

Pippa on invitations:

Remember that the words and designs on the invitation are part of the overall look...if you can't see them, then your guests are merely receiving a piece of lovely silver paper.

Pippa's money saving tip:

I support flops for the dance floor...a most excellent idea that will make guests love you. Wait for the Old Navy summer sale, you can get them for like 50 centipedes each.

Pippa on contests with other brides:

When engaging in a contest with other bridezillas involving free designer shoes, don't be afraid to use your elbows.

Pippa on organization:

Organization is close to godliness.

Gosh, what lunacy to create such a detailed and expansive binder like that....(insert sheepish grin)...I've decided to name my London binder Rupert.

Does Betsey want to "go steady"?

Pippa on hair flowers:

I am a big fan of flowers in the hair. Really whimsical and Alice-y. Pippa's Tip: Was watching eppy of Sister Wives during a TLC marathon Saturday. You can get flower shoulder appliques (true story). Could be JUST the right touch to simple and understated dresses.

Pippa's something blue:

Another friend of mine is getting married this year and has decided to wear (gasp) non-white shoes under the dress for some fanfare. She is going to wear these cute teal Kate Spades as her "something blue" peeking out under her dress. TOO CUTE!

Pippa on flowers:

A wise person that one that pointed out carnations are oft used at funerals. But I digress: after seeing the posted pictures illustrating what a truly malleable flower the carnation is (I am speaking of the ice cream cone concoction), I confess that I have become a fan. Pippa's Tip: Don't let the general inexpensiveness of the carnation fool you; watch your dollhairs around those sneaky, money-hungry florists.

Pippa on fashion:

Re: bridal clutches - Work with a color scheme and get different ones for each bridesmaid. It would look so cute in the church and in the pix!!!

Re: ladies fashion - Well, I am wearing a short, frothy, whimsical get-up for your horse-and-pony show in November...winter be darned! I'm going Alice all the way, baby!!
Re: men's fashion - Regarding the subject matter of male formal wear and accouterments, always trust a man that can wield hair gel like an 80s rock star while wearing pink.

Citizens, is Pippa on point? Discuss.


  1. Gosh...what do I say? I'd like to thank the Academy for this great honor. My rockin' bridal Peanut. My #1 inspiration: Catherine Middleton. But most of all, I'd just like to thank London. For existing. Pippa's Tip: Everyone should get their own Peanut, especially one with wedding planning aspirations and a love of all things English (they are infinitely more sophisticated than we are, after all). Cheerio dahlings...and God Save the Queen!

  2. As a bride, and Friend of Pip's, this is all completely on point. Glad to see Pippa's spreading her love all over this wedding.


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