Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper Panic

After considerable thought and endless hours pestering friends and family I’ve finally made a decision.  This one is momentous! Wait for it…I’m going with the silver Stardream paper. It’s kind of a big deal. I’m cursed with indecision so for me to make one is huge. Someone else round these parts can relate, right? Anybody? Anybody?

Well, being the cost conscious little lass that I am I also made the decision to use this silver paper for all my paper products. Buy in bulk and save, save, save! This theory only works if you want what you are buying and are actually going to use it.
Journey with me as I calculate how many pieces of pearlescent paper to procure. And check my math. I not so good with numberz.


We’re inviting approximately 180 people (give or take). This works out to (roughly) 120 invitations. (A little birdie once told me to count the “households”/addresses and not the amount of people to determine how many invitations one needs. Then add 10.) I like to err on the side of prepared so I’m saying 150 invites.

Still with me?

This thrifty little miss can get 2 invites (including 2 rsvp cards with wedding website info) out of 1 sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper. If my calculations are correct I’ll need 75 sheets for the invitations.

Hang in there.


We are probably going with a fan design like the pic below.


Since not everyone will want/need a program we’ll only make 100. The program will have 6 pages. I can get 2 pages out of 1 sheet. That’s 300 sheets. You  know why? Because…This is Sparta!!!! (sorry, just seeing if you’re paying attention)


Again 2 menus per sheet of paper. We need enough for 150 people which works out to 75 sheets.

To recap:

Invites –75 sheets
Programs– 300 sheets
Menus –75 sheets

Grand total: 450
And I’ll throw in an extra 50 for mishaps and tomfoolery.

Which gives us a grand grand total of 500 sheets.

Is this madness? No…This is Sparta!


  1. What time of year are you getting married? Originally I tdidnt think that everyone needed a program, but since our wedding was in Georgia in August everyond DID need a program! And using a paddle fan rather than a spread fan made a difference because people could actually fan themselves! I think all your numbers work out perfectly!

  2. It's November and it's indoors but that's a very good point. Hopefully there won't be a freak heat wave.


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