Friday, January 21, 2011

A Gentleman's Point of View

As a fan of gender equality (well sort of), I now present The Gentleman. He's been lurking around the blog and dropped a pearl or two.

The world has lost its civility it's time for 

Re: Boutonnieres

Should you decide to go down this route make sure that whomever is responsible for the boutonnieres has two things:
1) Enough lapel pins. For anyone who says that a boutonniere will stay in place with just one pin is a liar and a scoundrel;
2) a freaking clue on how to attach them to the lapel.

If they don't have these two requirements the groomsmen will spend half their evening flipping the boutonnieres right side up. This is distracting and an annoyance to all involved.

While I am a huge fan of brightly colored, silk pocket squares serving as formal accouterments, a boutonniere at a wedding gives single gentlemen a token of appreciation to bestow on eligible young women. ;)

     Warmest regards,


  1. Great tips! Many thanks to the Gentleman!

  2. Great tips--especially recruiting someone that knows how to affix them on the lapels.


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