Friday, October 8, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (AIW)

When I first fell in love with the AIW theme I started googling around for inspiration. At first, there wasn’t a lot to go on but then it happened. . . Tim Burton’s AIW. Squeet! 
How loverly, there’s inspiration popping up all over the place.

Like this. . .
Photographers doing AIW inspired photo shoots.


Prior to this yum-fest the most I could find were terrifically colorful tea parties.

Not quite the elegant sophisticated purple & silver dream I dreamed. I wanted a more grown up Alice.


Images like these were awesome because they validated some of the ideas I had. I’m not a floral designer or graphic artist so seeing a little bit of what I was envisioning… awesome!

Full disclosure: I’m calling it an AIW themed wedding but I will most likely be incorporating elements from both books (AIW & TLG). Can’t forget about the Disney movie though. There are some very cute things from the movie I’d like to weave through the day.

Elements making an appearance:

Something tea related – Teapots, teacups

Quotes – AIW is full of brilliant bits like this:

Size shifts – really oversized things and some mini miniatures

Eat me / Drink me tags and some variations on this idea

Playing cards, chess pieces, clocks & keys

Characters possibly making an appearance:

The Chesire Cat
The Caterpillar
The White Rabbit
Humpty Dumpty
Tweedles (Dee & Dum)

AIW? That’s waz up!

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  1. Everything looks so cute! I love it!


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