Monday, October 25, 2010

Whip My Hair

I'm loathe to admit this but that Willow Smith song is kind of catchy. Sigh. So as not to suffer alone I linked to it here. But wait there's more. . .

Even better than her video is the mashup with the Sesame Street "I Love My Hair" clip making the rounds.

Sorry to distract you with these musical meanderings. This post is about hair extensions. Clip-ins! I found this lovely in my Daily Candy email. It took a bit of digging since I almost never read them daily. Ha!

If I were going to do my own hair for the big day I would totally consider using these. I mean these bad boys look pretty sweet.

Or better yet this might be great for an engagement shoot. I haven’t decided if I’ll splurge on hair and makeup but this would be a cool option. I guess it's still a splurge because they aren't cheap. Consider it an investment. 

How about for your crazy night out aka bachelorette party? I mean the less you look like you. . .the harder it is for someone to ID you in a lineup whenever the authorities catch up with you. Just saying.



  1. LOL! So very true about not looking like yourself on your bachelorette party. I mean, you really wouldn't want to get ID'ed out of a lineup right before your big day.

    I've been considering getting hair extensions, I'm growing my hair out and while it IS getting longer, my hair is fine.. so I'd like to use some to give it some fullness, you know. But yeah, they are pretty pricey.

    Keep us updated if you get some!!

  2. Great find! I was considering extensions for a while, but I've been growing my hair our for about a year now and its getting pretty long so I probably won't need them. Now I'm just worried about humidity... my hair is so curly and I'm getting married on the beach so I'm considered the Brazilian Keratin blowout treatment...

    It's amazing how many things there are to spend money on!


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