Friday, October 22, 2010

Fitness Friday: Check In - Week 2

I'm proud of myself...well just a little bit. Here's the rundown:

Monday - Gym-ed it up! I also did the challenge exercises.
Tuesday - Nada. Booo!
Wednesday - Challenge exercises
Thursday - Nada. Booo!
Friday - Challenge exercises

Well, you might be saying to yourself, "Gee what's she proud of?" It's all about the baby steps. I'm happy I went to the gym and completed week 2 of the challenge thingy.  

Sooooooo.... GO ME!!


  1. *HIGH FIVE!!*

    This coming Tuesday will be my 2 weeks without pop or fast food and I'm still hitting the gym 4x a week! YAY US!

  2. Baby steps is the best way to lose weight! If it comes off too fast it gets put back on even faster. Congrats!


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