Monday, October 4, 2010

Terms & Conditions - The Contract

After you get past the pretty pictures and stop swooning over the awe inspiring videos it's time to get down to business.


Here are some things included in my contracts that you may want to consider including as well:

Detailed deposit schedule - I liked mine in thirds. An initial deposit, one the day of the "event" or a few weeks prior and the final deposit upon receipt of images or video. This protects both you and the vendor.

A contingency plan for emergencies - Make a plan in case your vendor has an issue or if you have a cancellation. Work this out ahead of time and put it in writing. Have in writing that a replacement will be made if your vendor has an emergency.

Specify who will be working the event - Have in writing exactly who you expect to be shooting the wedding. If your photographer gets popular and hires more staff it will ensure that he/she is still going to be working your wedding.

Agree upon a schedule for getting your completed video and images - Have in writing how long it will take to get your pictures or video. It protects both parties so there are no miscommunications or unreasonable expectations on either side.

Always read the contract - Don't be afraid to ask questions or suggest changes. It's better to find out now that your vendor is a diva in training, inflexible and difficult.


  1. Great tips! Emergency/contingency plan is key for our wedding, for sure!

  2. Found your blog on Wedding bee, thought I'd say hi.

    I am a law school student so I definitely love to talk contracts!

    Happy blogging.


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