Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Fitness Check In - Week 3

The third week is usually the make or break week. I'm delighted to report that I made it despite my many issues.

100 Push-ups Challenge
100 Sit-ups Challenge
Check the links above if none of what I'm saying below makes any sense.

Monday - Gym-ed it up with my face still numb from my recently completed dentist appointment. Forgot to do the challenge exercises.

Tuesday - Remembered that I had to do a challenge test to see which column to complete for week 3.

Wednesday - Umm... actually did the challenge test.

Thursday - Completed day 1 of week 3. Still on column one.

Friday - Completed day 2 of week 3. Walked the pup.

Saturday - Completed day 3 of week 3. Yipeee!!

The aforementioned pup.

That's why it's a Saturday update and not a Friday update.

Still trucking!


  1. Wow, good for you!!! You pup is adorable, too! And wow.. that's a lot of snow!

  2. I'm super impressed. I was doing so well for the last month and then school got out of control and I've not only stopped working out but have been stress eating like a fiend! Sigh.

    Good luck with week 3!


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