Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh the People We'll Meet - Hello Videographers

I briefly mentioned video but I neglected to let you in on what happened with that. Like everything else, this was a must have. The funny thing about weddings? You start off reasonable, telling yourself you can do without this or that but then… In any event, I met with only one videographer. Sure enough, I put all those chickens in one tiny little basket. It was a very nice basket though.  

I met with Leslie & Natalia of Kiss the Bride Films. They were straight up cool.  So chill and excited about the Alice in Wonderland theme. I’m a sucker for anyone that gets excited about my crazy brained theme. They were definitely my kind of people. I was very honest with them and let them know that they were the only videographers I was meeting with sooo… their chances were pretty good.

Signs that they were totally right for my little affair?

Check out this music video! Leslie filmed it. It's okay, I'll wait.

Did you notice the title?

Eleven! Eleven!

Case closed.

Also, they just happen to work with the photogs I chose. They have a package deal with them and they work together regularly. Super happy coincidence. GO TEAM!

It’s nice to have an easy choice every now and then.

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