Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello Lovely!

We interrupt this week's drama to bring you something a wee bit more fun. If you’ve been keeping track you’ll know that I booked my venue in August 2009 for a wedding in November 2011. I now present the ring which I received in February 2010. Don't ask questions just enjoy the pictures.

All pictures courtesy of Little Sister. My fam is a talented bunch.

Out of the box

You are the chosen one.

Yeah, you look good.

AIW looks good with you.

I'm ready for my closeup.

Please no more pictures.


  1. Your ring is SO gorgeous!! I love the captions you added, lol!

  2. Very cute! Your ring is beautiful!

  3. Great ring! Your sister IS super talented. I tried to take pictures of my own ring and it did not go well

  4. I just love me some Keisha....


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